WATCH: Quavo & Offset Try To Punch A Guy Twice Their Size.


WATCH: Quavo & Offset Try To Punch A Guy Twice Their Size.

WATCH: Quavo & Offset Try To Punch A Guy Twice Their Size.

According to a report from TMZ, both men tried taking a couple of swings at a guy who, as you can see in the video footage below, towered over them. Being the giant that he was, Quavo and Offset weren’t able to properly jump the unsuspecting man and were thus relegated to flailing their arms in the air on their way down.

The scuffle supposedly happened late last week outside of the W Hotel in New York City, off of Lexington Ave. It took place after the trio made an appearance at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert, a star-studded affair that saw several other big hip-hop artists perform for the crowd of enthusiastic fans. The video clip appears to put the man as part of a group who got into an altercation with someone else entirely before Migos stepped in and decided to flex their own muscle. By the way Quavo and Offset reacted, you’d think that whomever was involved in that first spat were part of Migos’ extended crew, or are at least friendly with the rappers in some way. From the footage, it’s hard to tell what exactly made tension flare the way that they did.

TMZ also stated that sources denied any police presence during or after the incident occurred, meaning that this was full-on street justice in one form or another. Representatives for the rappers were contacted by the media outlet and, as of this writing, there was no comment returned.

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