Taylor Bennett – Be Yourself

Taylor Bennett Be Yourself Zip Download
Taylor Bennett - Be Yourself

Taylor Bennett Be Yourself Zip Download: Taylor Bennet comes through today with a gem of a mixtape. Chance the Rapper’s younger bro Taylor Bennett might be cut from the same cloth but he’d be the last to rest on his laurels. If you sought out Taylor hoping there was a lineage of Chance’s music, you’ll be happy to note that both siblings share a displeasure of “toxic masculinity,” that much is certain.

The eponymous track itself communicates a strong desire to discover “identity politics” at his rhythm. Taylor benefits from the musical cadence of Young Thug, who in terms of content, shows a level of sexual ambiguity reminiscent of Prince on “Better Than You Ever Been.” In an interview with Time Magazine, Taylor opened up about the creative process for Be Yourself, speaking candidly about the meaningful impression Young Thug left on him during an arranged visit in Atlanta.
That being said, much of Taylor’s content is deeply personal. I’d say his perspective on growing up Black in America is well articulated, but no less pertinent than anyone else’s. He’d say so himself.

Be Yourself radiates unconditional acceptance; see for yourself.

Taylor Bennett Be Yourself Mixtape

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