Money Can’t Buy Heart – Young Adz

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lyrics Money Can’t Buy Heart – Young Adz

I pour up a 4s and I jump in the passenger seat
I ain't lackin' in London, I'd rather get nicked and deceased
Fuck around, fuck around, count 40K in my white tee
My lady a ten, she rock Hermès sandals to the beach
Gave confidence to the streets
Gave some madow shots to Steve
I got some robbers from East
When they kick down your bando, you won't know it's me
This the grind, you get in what you put in
Gettin' niggas missing like I'm Putin
'015 Gucci down jugging
Sliding 'round with Somalis from Woolwich, yeah
I bought some Borwicks today, yeah
I'm 'bout to pour it today, yeah
My niggas scoring today, I adore it
I Christian Dior'd her today, yeah
Dinner dating up in Mayfair
Work overnight, this the cage, yeah
Got all the clout, it never changed me
Fuck the money, I ain't changing
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