Lil Durk – Shootout

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lyrics Lil Durk – Shootout

Been through all kind of shit
Bro died from dialysis
Telling niggas not to tell on you is witness tampering
Out of everything, I’m addicted, I want this medicine
Gang charge, feel like I can beat it, I got a severance
Four Richard Milles, plus India rich, it look like a settlement
You ain’t from 300 if you ain’t sleep with us on Eggleston
Walk into my auntie crib, see mice, this shit embarrassing
So how you sit up pissed at me and bro ‘nem actin’ arrogant?
King Kong, beatin’ on my chest, I got my lean on
How you sit up mad? I ate her pussy, you got peed on
I don’t answer my phone, I know it’s you, I changed your ringtone
Bro died, sister wasn’t answering, I called my niece phone
Yeah, bitch, you belong to the streets
Oh, you sold a couple pounds, now this nigga think he Meech
Now you singin’ all these songs with all that pain, you think you me
I ain’t follow niggas ways, I was signed to the streets

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