Gotta Move On (Queens Remix)

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Gotta Move On (Queens Remix) Lyrics

I can feel it, love is in the air tonight
Move on
Woo, come on
And we’ve been waitin’ for this moment
All our lives
Move on (Let’s go)
Move on
Ayo, turn it up
(Keep on movin’)
This is the remix, yeah
Let’s go
Let’s go

Get to the bag (Yeah), where that money at?
Get to the bag (Yo), where that money at?
Get to the bag (Yeah), where that money at?
Get to the bag (Yeah), where that money at?
Let’s go

She don’t want my love (Come on), I guess I gotta move on (Love Records)
Yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah (Ayy, y’all like the way this sounds? Stay on that frequency)
Oh but, if she don’t want my love (And ladies, report to the dancefloor), I guess I gotta move on (Report to the dancefloor, the frequency is here)
Oh yeah, oh no (Caresha, talk to ’em)


Still one, I can’t trust me a nigga (Yeah)
[?] I could buy me a nigga (That’s right)
DeLeón sippin’ but my new nigga (Facts)
He hit like this tequila, I can feel it in my liver (Take that)
He ain’t movin’ on, he ain’t had enough of me (Nah)
Half a million on a shoppin’ spree ain’t enough of for me (Go)
Ex lookin’, think I’m trippin’
Hot tub on a yachty, only time I’m trippin’ (Let’s go)
Concierge and the butlers, how I’m livin’ (Come on)
We just went missin’ (Oh), Dior Christian (Everything expensive)
He on my body real bad (Real bad)
Too fly, bitch, I ain’t never jet lag (Come on)
Hop on this PJ, his other hoes mad (Haha, chill)
Caresha, please, he love it when I brag (Love it when you brag, don’t stop)

(Get in your bag, stay in your bag)
Ayo, this is the remix (She don’t want my love)
(Get in your bag, stay in your bag)
Ayo, Ashanti
Get in my bag, stay in my bag, baby, I tried
Talk to ’em, come on

You know I tried to warn you, baby (Come on)
If I put this on you, it drive you crazy, yeah (Ashanti)
I was loyal, why would you betray me? (Come on)
All you tried to do is fuck me and play me, yeah (This for the ladies)
And it get so frustratin’, yeah
You be playin’ all these games and I ain’t got time
You be out here like these niggas (Come on) ain’t crazy ’bout mine
Like I can make a call and have ’em pull up on site
You thought that you could have it on the weekends (Come on)
Now you mad ’cause I told you I was leavin’ (Let’s go)
Nigga, I’m gone, nigga, I’m done, nigga, move on (Ooh-wee)
Too much of your shit, you got a little dick
It’s givin’ obsessed, it’s givin’ you stressed, it’s givin’ you pressed
It’s givin’ this nigga missin’ the best (Let’s go)
Thought it’s been twenty years, nigga, please, say less
We can see all your [?] sittin’ on your chest (Ladies, sing it)

And now I got a new man (New man), yeah, you got move on (Oh, oh)
Yeah, I got a new agenda with someone you probably know (Let’s go, let’s, what?)
And you know I ain’t wrong, yeah, I had to move on
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, come on)

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