Aitch & Ashanti – Baby

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lyrics Aitch & Ashanti – Baby

Yeah, yo, I don't only love her for her the sex (Awww, baby)
But I swear to God, I love it when she says (Awww, baby)
She know that she fuckin' with the best
Thinkin' she an angel 'til I put her on the bed (Ha)
Gotta chase this money, baby, nothin' to be said (Awww, baby)
I ain't having no distraction when I'm runnin' up a cheque (Awww, baby)
Every time I leave the crib, I got you lookin' at me stressed
But as soon as I'm home (Oh, baby, I'm satisfied)
Yeah, face down, arse up, cock it right back
Baby, how you not a model with a body like that? (Awww, baby)
Oh God, when she top me, she the top of my class
When we fuck, I'ma copyright that (That's mine)
I be on a vibe
Money to the side, I'm just tryna live my life (Yeah)
I can't even leave without her giving me the eyes
Babe, it ain't my fault, I gotta focus on what's mine
Take it easy, give me time (Young Aitch, yeah)

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