6IX9INE – GINE Details

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I got this Mickey, Mickey, moppy-moppy-mop-mop
Look, you could catch a shot-sh-shot-sh-shot-shot
Watch him twirl, then he drop-d-drop-d-drop-drop
I got the game on lock-l-lock-l-lock-lock

Ring around the rosie, still keep it on me
Fuck a lil' semi nigga, I'm coming with this choppa
Bullet that just hit him, he won't make it to the doctor
Stand over his body, kick his head like it's soccer

Your man got shot, you made a diss track
Go get a gun and get some get back
Your man got shot, he not coming back
Go get a gun and get some get back
You a bitch, I knew you wouldn't ride for your homie
I knew you wouldn't ride by your doley
They be on my dick, but if you know me, then you know me
Couple chains, good drip and the Rollie too swollie, look
Big watch, big Cuban, tough ware
Send addy, my guys come near
No smiles, no games, fun where
Die today, can't get away, fuck it

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