Papoose – Fortune 500

Fortune 500 mp3 download

Papoose Fortune 500 mp3 download

Fortune 500 mp3 download. Papoose has ceaselessly clung to his standards, or, in other words: he’s kept it hip-bounce in the most perfect sense. Slippery ordinarily and for the most part specific in his discharge designs, the dad of the “prodigy” has come through with another choice for the majority. “Fortune 500” discovers Papoose taking crude to another dimension, removing a page from Lupe Fiasco’s book and discharging a melody by means of self-recorded video. With regards to convention, Pap comes through with an overwhelming subject; where we recently discovered him styling on the letter set and the numerical framework, this time he’s handling the amusement’s best organizations.

Bringing up every one as he rattles them off, Pap paints a distinctive picture overflowing with smart bars. “Cheats obey they thirst like Sprite, realize I got the mallet, I was betting in Las Vegas at the Tropicana, they fall like Dominos when I pop those shells,” raps Pap. “I’m general my name rings Taco Bells.” Check out the new track, conveyed through eccentric methods however it might be, directly here.

Download and listen to Fortune 500 Below.


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