Lil Wayne – Can’t Be Broken

Lil Wayne Carter V Album Zip Download

Lil Wayne Reps The G-Code on new song “Can’t Be Broken”

Lil Wayne Can’t Be Broken Mp3 Download. Since the early hours of today, one name/phrase has dominated Hip-Hop, “Carter V.” It’s almost as though other releases, included Kevin Gates’ Luca Brasi 3 and Logic’s Young Sinatra IV has been relegated to the backseat, no wonder Ye decided to push back his album release by 24 hours. One thing we get from Carter V is range, Weezy manages to cover a variety of flavours and styles and created an album that would be welcomed by all lovers of music.

Lil Wayne Can’t Be Broken Mp3 Download

Can’t Be Broken begins with a slow piano arpeggio bearing a resemblance to Silent Hill. Weezy raps about his resilience and how good he has been in the game.

Quotable Lyrics

You cannot break down what can’t be broken
Out of all the wrinkles, I was chosen
When all of the lights, they get low
And all of the curtains they close
You cannot break down what can’t be broken

[Verse 1]
They can do all they can do but they can’t break unbreakable
They scared to face the truth because they hate the view
They taste the juice, I hope it make ’em puke, I’m breakin’ loose
Should I throw up the deuce or should I wave the deuce
In 1982, my momma take me to a space shuttle
Say now I’m raising you and ain’t no baby food
Unless you go and take the neighbors’ food
And be afraid of who, I made the loot
When money went from army green to navy blue
I said salute, bulletproof, I gave ’em proof
Sometimes feel like my head a screw
Twisted like tornados too
Man, I’ma need some crazy glue
Her walls is what I’m breaking through
Her nails, she gone break a few
You can never break me down and I can’t hit the brakes for you

Lil Wayne – Can’t Be Broken

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