Justin Timberlake – Man of The Woods

Man of The Woods

Are you ready?

Justin Timberlake - Man of The Woods

It’s Timber Season – lol, I don’t know how I cam up with that if there’s Drizzy Season then there should be a Timber Season don’t you think? Man of The Woods drops in 2 days

In Approximately Two days Pop icon, Justin Timberlake will make a grand return to the stage as he releases his new album Man of the Woods. The album already has a hype rating of over 54 –  see here  and fans are totally expectant.

This new record, is said to be a bit more personal than his last (The 20/20 Experience) and was heavily inspired by his wife and son.

On 2nd January, Timberlake announced that the album would be released on 2/2/2018that’s exactly one month from the announcement. The lead single, Filthy dropped three days later on the 5th of January.


The Album features notable credits such as, Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Alicia Keys and country singer Chris Stapleton.




Another single release came on the 18th Jan, Supplies


Man of The Woods  Track List (Standard)

1. Filthy
2. Midnight Summer Jam
3. Sauce
4. Man of the Woods
5. Higher Higher
6. Wave
7. Supplies
8. Morning Light feat. Alicia Keys
9. Say Something feat. Chris Stapleton
10. Hers (interlude)
11. Flannel
12. Montana
13. Breeze Off the Pond
14. Livin’ Off the Land
15. The Hard Stuff
16. Young Man

Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton – Say Something

Download Mp3:  ALBUM: TiMO ODV – Move EP

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