2 How to set iphone ringtones without itunes

If you want to personalize ringtones on your iPhone, then using the iTunes Store is one of the best apps to do this. But overall there is a price to pay that not everyone is willing to pay. So let’s join hiphopmp3download.com follow this article on how to install ringtones on iphone without itunes!

2 How to set ringtones on iphone without itunes

Some ways will require using iTunes on a computer or using third-party apps like WALTR 2 that can simplify setting up ringtones on iphone without going through itunes. To transfer music files back to iPhone as ringtones is simpler. However, with this method you still need a computer.

Detailed instructions on how to create ringtones on iphone without itunes
Detailed instructions on how to create ringtones on iphone without itunes

A simpler way is that you can design and install custom ringtones on your iPhone using GarageBand, iRing for iOS. This application is used for professional audio editing. It also has a few features such as ease of use, and not too much back-and-forth between machines.

The user’s iPhone music library can be used to import and change songs. Then export the saved audio projects as ringtones on iPhone. Start following our instructions below to change iPhone ringtones!

Use Garageband to make ringtones for iPhone

To install ringtones for iphone without itunes, in addition to PC programs, there are iOS apps that allow you to create iPhone ringtones without using iTunes software. Apple recommends Garageband as one of them. With the help of this ringtone maker software, you can create original ringtones using songs from your iPhone’s music library.

Create a ringtone for a song on your PC. Before using Garageband to turn it into a ringtone, you can first transfer music from your computer to your iPhone.

Step 1: Download and activate the GarageBand app on your iPhone.

Select Voice

Find Voice Recorder by swiping through the menu options, then Voice (microphone icon).

Step 2: Click View to display the editing section (3 dashes icon).

Select Voice

Apple Loops, Files, and Music are the three items you’ll see if you tap the Loop button. Since ringtones are stored in local files, you will use that tab.

Select the Loop icon as shown
Select the Loop icon as shown

Step 3: Find the song you want to import and wait for the Garageband application to read the music data. Use the Files app’s Browse Item option to find the song if you can’t find it.

To change the tone, drag the long vertical bar to the desired starting position for your own ringtone.

The play button can be used to adjust the start and end times of the music file.

Step 4: Then, double-tap the song to select Cut.

Drag the Scissors icon down to split or cut the song at a precise position. You can delete the rest of the song by tapping it twice and then selecting Delete.

Step 5: Select My Songs by clicking the down arrow icon in the top left corner.

Step 6: To back up the track, select Share from the menu bar. Select Ringtone, give the song an appropriate name before tapping Export.

Step 7: Go back to the settings on your iphone, click change ringtone and select the song you just saved.

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How to use IRing to change ringtones on iPhone

Using this way to set ringtones for iphone without itunes is very useful. Ringtones can be created and sent directly to your iOS device with the iRing app.

Step 1: Download iRing, then install it on your computer. On both Mac and Windows, the app is available for free to download.

The program will ask you to connect your iPhone to the computer when you use it for the first time. You can use a regular USB cord to connect your device. The Wi-Fi feature enables wireless connectivity.

Step 2: After connecting your iPhone, open the ‘Browse’ tab interface and find the audio file on your PC that you want to use as a ringtone.

Step 3: Before you save the file, select and trim 30 seconds of the song you want to use as ringtone.

If the sound isn’t already on your computer, you can find it using the “Search” tab in the program. See the “For you” section to listen to music selected based on your search history and collection.

You can modify the sound of the song by adding some effects in the “Personalize & Edit” option. There are many choices for fading or fading, SndMojis, and several others.

Step 4: Play the song again when you’re done with everything. If you like the song, just click “Export” and select “Push to iPhone” to download it to your phone.

Go to Settings on your iPhone, then to bar & Notifications, and finally Ringtones. Then find and select the song you just created to use as your incoming call ringtone.

Conditions for adding custom ringtones without iTunes for iPhone

Here’s what you need before you can use any music as a ringtone on your iPhone.

To do a complete way to change ringtones on iphone without itunes on, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your iPhone’s music library or files app must contain the song you want to use as your ringtone.Copyright-
  • protected songs (like in Apple Music) and songs that aren’t stored locally on your iPhone can’t be played when not using itunes or apple Music.
  • You must download and install the free GarageBand, iRing app from the App Store.


After reading the article on how to install alarms on iphone without itunes, you can do a simple thing. You can add ringtones to your iPhone without using iTunes if you use Ringtone iPhone  Transfer, or the apps we introduced above. These are the best ways to edit ringtones on your iPhone.

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