How to download ringtones from Youtube for Android phones

Does the ringtone on your Android phone become too old and out of date? Many users feel like customizing the ringtone on their phone with a special one. This article will guide you how to download ringtones from Youtube.

Download music from Youtube to make ringtones

One of the biggest entertainment channels, YouTube offers millions of tracks for your phone ringtone. However, consumers don’t know how to download music audio from YouTube videos. There are great ways to download ringtones from Youtube that we will share in this article. When you can’t find a song you like on any other ringtone portal, these workarounds can help.

How to download ringtones from Youtube for Android phones
How to download ringtones from Youtube for Android phones

While there are many apps and websites that allow you to buy ringtones, why pay when you can get free ringtones? Your favorite YouTube songs can be quickly and easily made ringtones using basic techniques. See our guide on how to set YouTube ringtone for Android phone below.

How to download ringtones from Youtube for Android phones

No computer needed, you can follow three easy steps to get YouTube videos as ringtones for your Android phone.

Step 1: Convert YouTube videos to MP3 . format

You must manually convert YouTube videos to MP3 format because YouTube does not allow you to download audio directly from YouTube videos. Here’s how to turn a YouTube video into a phone ringtone:

  • Open YouTube and go to the video you want to convert and make as ringtone.

  • At the bottom of the video, select the Share button

  • Select the Copy link from the list of sharing options.
  • Visit the website by opening your Chrome browser or any other browser you use on your Android device. You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 format using this website.

  • Insert the link in the website URL box.
  • To start converting YouTube videos to MP3 format, click Convert.

  • To download an MP3 audio file to your Android device, select Download after the video has been converted.

After completing the above steps, you can move on to the next section to continue the steps in the guide on how to set Youtube ringtones on Android phones.

Step 2: Cut the MP3 audio file

The MP3 audio file must be cut in this step because the ringtone cannot be longer than 30 seconds. You can trim an MP3 audio file in one of two ways: by using third-party software on your Android smartphone, or by visiting a song cutter website in your web browser.

The first way: Use a web browser

If you don’t want to download third-party programs for your Android smartphone, you can trim the MP3 audio file using your web browser. Here’s how to edit an MP3 file to use as a ringtone on Android:

  • Visit the website using the web browser of your choice on your device, such as Chrome.
  • Select the button to open a file.
  • From the pop-up menu, choose the File option.
  • To upload your MP3 music file to a website, find it on your device and click it.
  • Wait until the file uploads.
  • Select a 20-30 second chunk of the song that you want to use as your ringtone, then click Save.

  • Once the site has finished trimming your song, click Save again.

Second way: Use a third-party app

To use this way of downloading a song on YouTube as an Android ringtone, you can use one of the many audio separation applications on CH Play. These third-party apps make it simple to reduce MP3 audio files. Some of the apps that you can use on your Android mobile are listed below.

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Ringtone & MP3 Cutter – Inshot Inc

Inshot Inc. ringtone maker and MP3 cutter. This app is absolutely amazing and free. This app can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Cut MP3 files, merge and mix two audio files, and many other amazing activities are possible with MP3 cutter and ringtone maker.
While using the application, you may encounter pop-up ads, but you do not have to worry because this application is very useful. Use the instructions below to cut your audio files with MP3 cutter and Ringtone Samsung maker.

  • Install Inshot Inc.’s MP3 cutter and ringtone maker. from google play store on your smartphone.

  • Open the app once it has been successfully installed, then select MP3 Cutter in the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Give the app access to your files by giving it the necessary permissions.

  • Now look in the files folder to find your MP3 audio file.
  • After trimming your MP3 audio file with the blue bars, click the Check icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • When the window appears, select the Convert option.

  • By selecting the Share option after successfully cutting the MP3 audio file, you can copy the new file to your internal storage.

Step 3: Set the converted audio file as your ringtone

The audio file you cut in the previous section will now be set as your phone ringtone. Your audio file should be set as the default ringtone.

  • Open settings on your Android device.

  • Turn on sound and vibration by scrolling down.
  • From the top menu, select Phone ringtone.

  • Select a local ringtone.
  • Switch to File Manager.
  • Find your desired ringtone in the download list.
  • To set a new ringtone on your phone, click OK.


We hope that this guide on how to download Youtube ringtones for Android phones will be very helpful to you. If you have any questions during the operation, please leave them in the comments.

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