Instructions on how to change ringtones on Samsung easily

The most frequently asked question by users when using Samsung phones is definitely “how to change ringtones on Samsung.” There are many different simple methods to create ringtones for your favorite songs. Let’s find out with using the methods of this article.

1 How to change ringtone on Samsung with Tik Tok music

How to change ringtones for Samsung with the most trending songs from TikTok, the most widely used application today. There are many attractive popular songs on TikTok.

How to change ringtone on Samsung with Tik Tok music
How to change ringtone on Samsung with Tik Tok music

Therefore, here are the basic steps to follow to install ringtones from TikTok music sources on your phone:
Step 1: Open the Tik Tok app on your Samsung phone.
Step 2: Next, launch the main Tik Tok interface on Samsung phones. When your favorite music starts playing while you’re watching a video, all you have to do is tap the Share icon in the top right corner of the app’s screen.
Step 3: After selecting the Share option, select the Save video line located at the interface of the Share window. The download will complete in just 10 seconds

Select download as shown
Select download as shown

Step 4: Once the audio video has been downloaded to your device, a message will appear indicating where the file has been kept. To find videos faster, you should note this archive.
Step 5: Next, visit the Cloud Convert website to convert the file format so that you can convert the downloaded video file into an mp3 file, which can be converted to a Samsung music file.
Step 6: On the web interface, click Choose file, then navigate to the folder where the file is saved and select the downloaded music file.
Step 7: Next, select Audio as the output format of the converter and Mp3 as the source format.

Convert to MP3 . format
Convert to MP3 . format

Step 8: To download the audio file to your device, click Download after converting the video file to .mp3 file.
Step 9: After successful download, you just need to select that file and choose as ringtone.

2 How to download ringtones on Samsung with Zing MP3 software

How to turn music files on Zing Mp3 into ringtones for Samsung phones through the following 3 easy steps:
Step 1: To start, users first launch the Zing Mp3 application on Samsung phones and then select the downloaded song item.

Choose Zing MP3 application to change ringtone on Samsung
Choose Zing MP3 application to change ringtone on Samsung

Step 2: Click on the phrase “Set as ringtone” after selecting the dot icon to the right of the song.

Find music you've downloaded or a song you like on your device
Find music you’ve downloaded or a song you like on your device
Choose to set as ringtone
Choose to set as ringtone

Step 3: A notification will appear on the screen informing that the user has successfully completed the ringtone installation procedure from the Mp3 application.

*Users should note the following information: To set ringtones on the device, the user must grant access to the Zing MP3 program memory.
You should close the application and try accessing the downloaded song again if it is not in the downloaded folder.

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3 How to download ringtones for Samsung phones via Youtube

One of the websites that many users love is Youtube, where you can watch movies, listen to music at any time. However, there are definitely some people who are not familiar with this site and are unsure of how to download music from YouTube and set it as their phone ringtone.
Here are the basic instructions for downloading YouTube ringtones to Samsung mobile devices:
Step 1: is to launch the YouTube app on your phone, select the video song you want to download as your phone’s ringtone, then click the Share button.

How to download ringtones for Samsung phones via Youtube
How to download ringtones for Samsung phones via Youtube

Step 2: Copy the video link and paste it in the share window.

Step 3: Open the Chrome browser and select the site search option.

Step 4: Paste the link of your favorite music into so that this website can read the music data on Youtube.

Step 5: Information about the video is fully displayed on the Dirpy link. Change the name to save the File name and return to the Recording area to change the sound quality.

Then, to download the music as audio to your device, click the blue Record Audio button. Information about successful download will be displayed on your device.
This is the easiest way to install ringtones on Samsung phones downloaded from YouTube. To check if the music has been downloaded successfully, it will be saved in the folder “m device bar” then just follow these instructions to install the ringtone on your device:
Step 1: On your phone, click the Settings button. Then scroll down and select the option bar and Vibrate.
Step 2: Scroll down to explore the ringtones area in the phone’s vibrate and sound window. When an access request message displays, click Allow.
Step 3: Next, select the song you want to use as your ringtone by finding it in the next window and clicking on the line that says “Select from file.”
Select the track you just downloaded, and you’re done! This way to download ringtones for Samsung from Youtube is the simplest when you want to separate music from videos on youtube.

4 How to Customize Contacts Ringtones on Samsung Devices

This Samsung ringtone customization makes it possible for you to recognize specific contacts by using a ringtone for each person in your contacts, the process is as easy as follows:
For each independent contact, you can set a ringtone for each contact:
Step 1: Click on the phone number you want to use to create your own ringtone in the Contacts section of your device.

Step 2: Next, select see more lines under Edit.

Step 3: To select the ringtone you want to install, scroll down to select the song you dedicated to that person.

Step 4: To finish configuring the ringtone for the contact phone number, click Save and Back after making your selections.
Ask the person to test call to check if the ringtone you set up for them is complete or not

5 Conclusion

So that readers can quickly install their favorite music, follow the way to change ringtones on Samsung that we have detailed in the article. With the above ways, changing Ringtone Samsung in particular or all Android devices becomes extremely simple.

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