Instructions on how to change the ringtone on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of those smartwatches that many people dream of wearing on their hands. This article will show you how to change the ringtone on Apple Watch in the simplest way.

How to change ringtone on Apple Watch

Apple Watch 4 features the latest technology and has a great design. Users will be able to set ringtones on this watch in the same way as on mobile devices, which is one of its special features. The steps to set ringtones on Apple Watch are:

Step 1: Download iTunes

On the most recently updated versions of iWatch, you barely need to use iTunes, but you do if you want to add custom ringtones.

How to change ringtone on Apple Watch
How to change ringtone on Apple Watch

Updates to iTunes for mac OS Catalina are not available from Apple. Here’s how to modify your iWatch ringtone with the latest macOS. The instructions in this article apply whether you’re using iTunes on Windows or an earlier version of mac OS.

Step 2: Select the recording.

To convert and use an audio clip as a ringtone, you need a pre-recorded audio clip. The first thing you need to do is determine the location of the pre-recorded file. Any audio file you find can be used.
The maximum duration for ringtone files is 40 seconds. Ringtones longer than 40 seconds using iTunes cannot be copied to iWatches.
You can use an audio editor to record only the parts of a long file that you want to use.
Editing audio I love the free, open source Audacity audio editor, or you should use a simple web app like Click the “Open File” option to select an audio file to edit as MP3 or other format on this website.
If necessary, you can remove an MPEG (MP3) audio file from your library by selecting it using the right-click menu.
Click the “Trim” button after selecting the audio file you want to use.

Step 3: Convert MP3 to AAC

Your audio file may be an MP3 file. You must convert it to AAC format to use it as a ringtone. (If the extension of the audio file is .m4r or it is already in AAC format, you can skip this step.)

Change ringtone on Apple Watch
Change ringtone on Apple Watch

Drag and drop files into your iTunes library to do this. Then find the file in Library > Songs to start converting.
Step 4: rename the AAC . file
The song file is then duplicated twice and added to your iTunes collection. This is the new AAC version as well as the original MP3 version.
Right-click the library name and use the Format column to see which column it is.
There will be a new “Type” column indicating which file it is. “AAC Audio File” is the updated AAC file and “MPEG Audio File” is the original MP3. If necessary, you can remove an MPEG (MP3) audio file from your library by selecting it using the right-click menu.

Step 5: Add ringtone file to iWatch

Finally, use the included USB-Lightning connector to connect the iWatch to your PC or Mac. The iWatch is charged using the same cable.
If you haven’t linked your watch, tap the Trust option on the iWatch unlock screen to check if your PC or Mac trusts the device. Then just open the Apple Watch and change the ringtone, the music file is already in the settings of the ringtone.
How to increase or decrease the ringtone volume on Apple Watch
On Apple Watch, changing sound and notification settings is a really simple and easy process. It will be very simple to do in a few steps as follows:
1. The first action in the process is to access the Apple watch’s settings menu.

How to change ringtone on Apple Watch

2. A panel for user selection of sounds now appears on the screen; touch to activate.

3. A volume bar then appears on the screen. Moving the line to the right will increase the volume, while moving to the left will decrease the volume.

With the above 3 simple steps, how to change ringtone on Apple Watch is really very simple, right?

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How to mute Apple Watch

When the control center appears on the screen, press and hold the bottom of the clock. Now all you have to do is swipe up and the bell icon will show up.

  • Just tap the bell icon that appears on the screen.
  • Immediately after tapping, the icon turns red and a + appears.
    So even though the apple watch is muted, it can still know there are notifications.

How to change alert and notification tones

Open the apple watch’s settings menu.
Scroll down until the screen has sound and touch options.
Tap screen selection.

The haptics option is now displayed on the screen; just click on it to turn it on or off as the user wants.

Enable Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

The control center can be accessed on the screen by holding down the bottom button of the watch for a short period of time.
Just swipe back the clock.

Then simply browse and select this option. Options to manually turn off the Do Not Disturb feature or to set it to off after a certain amount of time are displayed on the screen.


The above article guides you in detail how to change the ringtone on Apple Watch. Follow the steps in the above article, you can easily customize the sound settings of this smart watch.

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