4 fastest ways to change ringtones for iphone

Many users are curious about how to change the ringtone for iPhone with their favorite music while using it. Don’t skip this article if you want to set your favorite music as ringtone! Here, let’s see hiphopmp3download.com instructions to set ringtones for iphone in full detail step by step

1 How to change ringtone for Iphone using iTunes app

Steps to install ringtones on iPhone using iTunes software:
Step 1: Open the iTunes app on your phone.

how to change ringtone for iphone
how to change ringtone for iphone

Step 2: Select or look up your favorite song. Pay for music later with Momo money or a credit card.

Step 3: On your phone, go to Settings and select “M Bar”.

Step 4: Return to the Ringtones area and select the track you downloaded.

2 How to set ringtone for iphone using GarageBand software

Steps to use GarageBand software to set ringtones on iPhone:
Step 1: Download the “GarageBand” app from the App Store. Once the app has opened, scroll right and select “Audio Receiver.”

Step 2: Navigate to the upper left corner of the interface and click on the three dashes icon as shown. Next, select the Loop button in the top right corner and choose your favorite track.

Note: When setting a ringtone to your iPhone, be sure to select File if you’ve copied music files to your phone. I chose music as an example for this article from iCloud.

Step 3: Drag and drop the music file into the editing area and hold down the mouse button. Then, adjust the length of the song to your liking to create a ringtone by dragging the two ends of the track together.

Step 4: Click the inverted triangle icon, select “My Songs” to save the song, hold the key pressed and then select “Share”. Pull up the menu item if you can’t see the Share item.

Step 5: Select “Ringtone” and then click “Export”. So have completed the steps to change ringtone for iphone.

3 How to use the Documents app to set ringtones for iPhone

Step 1: Download the “Documents” app from the Program Store to your iPhone; open the application; select the compass icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; swipe left; enter the URL of the website you want to download music to in the search bar; and finally, press the “Search” button.

Step 2: Enter the song name in the search bar and select “Download”.

Step 3: Select the music quality based on your preference > Click “Download” > Modify the song name and then click “Done” to complete the download. The song will then be saved to your iCloud.

Step 4: Use the instructions from step 2 of the tutorial on how to set up ringtones for iPhone using the GarageBand program to use this song as your ringtone.
I hope you set up a ringtone you like by using the following simple and quick method to set ringtone for iPhone.

4 How to customize ringtones on iPhone with PC

Using your computer’s iTunes program, this customizing ringtone for iPhone is very useful and is often used to install both old and new iOS. How to change ringtone on iphone 11, 12, 13… details are as follows:
Step 1: Link your iPhone to your PC. From the Apple website, download the iTunes app to your computer, then you must connect the device with a cable. Open iTunes again, choose Songs, then choose Library.

Step 2: Open the song on the computer. The file in the top left corner lets you select the song you want to use as your ringtone. Then, click “Add”, to add the newly created music file to the library.

You can choose as many songs as you want to use as ringtones as you like, but all of them must have the .mp3 extension.

Step 3: Get the song details. Select the music to use as your phone’s ringtone, then click the Get details option (Let the machine read the song information)

Step 4: Cut ringtone. Cut music for about 30 seconds after selecting Options. Finally, click OK.

Note that iTunes tracks must be under 40 seconds in length. So, when cutting music, you must pay attention to choose the right cutting time to avoid download problems.

Step 5: Create AAC file. Select File from the main menu, then Convert, and then select Create AAC Version.

Step 6: Display Windows Explorer. To put the newly cut ringtone in a folder, right-click it and select Show in Windows Explorer.

Step 7: Change the ringtone to .m4r extension. You must change the format of the newly created music file from .m4a to .m4r to play it on iPhone.

Note: If music files aren’t visible, go to Folder Options, select Review, then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

You must enable it if you cannot see the filename extension. Select Filename Extensions in View, one by one.
Step 8: Connect Your iPhone to iTunes After plugging in the cable, select the iPhone icon in iTunes.

Step 9: Sync ringtones. Select the notification item, then select Ringtone and continue to select Sync. Remove the connection cable from the computer and iPhone after waiting for the synchronization to complete.

Step 10: On iPhone, click Settings, select a sound option, then tap Ringtone and choose a newly created ringtone.

So you already know how to change ringtone on iPhone with PC with 10 steps above. Although it is quite long and many operations, but just follow it once, with all the newly updated iOS versions you can do it easily.

5 Conclusion

Using how to change ringtone for iphone that we have detailed in the article above, you can set any favorite song as iPhone ringtone. Please leave a comment below if you have any problems.

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