Game of Thrones – What You Need To Know About Season 8

jon snow game of thrones season 8


game of thrones season 8


Nobody likes to wait, certainly not me. However, such is the fate of all Game Of Thrones Fans worldwide – The long Wait for Winter (oops! I mean the next Season). Although it has become a little quieter due to the long wait for the eighth and final season – “Game of Thrones” has remained one of the most popular and best Tv Series worldwide. This is why whenever there is talk about the final six episodes of the saga, we have to examine them properly to ensure credibility.

Although it may well take a whole year before we get to see the final episodes of the gigantic TV saga, the tension is on the rise. The first info on the finale appears on the Web and stirs up the hornets nest – I mean fans.

jon snow game of thrones season 8

The Biggest Battle

In fact, it does not come as a surprise that in the final chapter of the series, the biggest battle ever to be seen in a TV series was to be shown. After all, the Night King’s undead collected – and some came together over the course of the first seven seasons – face the remnant armies of the seven homes and troops of Daenerys. That should go into the tens of thousands.

However, there is a record breaking fact here – this battle devoured 55 days and nights of shooting time (never before happened). Because so that they should advance, at least in the TV sector to the absolute record holder. At least, director-director Johnathan Quinlan said after the shoot in a now-deleted caption under a deleted photo, the crew would have done something that had “never been done before”. Presumably the man is right. By comparison, 25 days were spent in the Battle of the Bastards battle. And considering that one day in one minute of shooting time, then this battle alone should take almost an entire episode. We want to see that!

Evil Daenerys?

Emilia Clarke revealed during her promo tour for “Solo – A Star Wars Story” that her scenes for the final season are complete and she already had her last day of shooting. Who did not really promise her. As she said in the interview, she did not like the thought of how her character will be remembered by the audience over the last season. That sounds very much like it, as if the supposed heroine would develop towards the end in another direction.

brienne and poddrick  game of thrones season 8

Already thousands of fanatics circles around Clarke’s statements. So far the leader in the gloomy conjecture: Daenerys kills Jon Snow after she finds out who he really is. Who knows the series, who knows: This scenario is unlikely. But also highly valued among GoT disciples is also a family disease: Many Targaryen rulers have fallen into madness in the course of their lives – and Daenerys may also suffer the same fate, unless she turns out to be the unlikely exception.

Some fans also believe that Daenerys will not be present in all episodes of the last season, because Emilia Clarke has finished filming about a month before everyone else. However, their participation in “Solo” could be the reason for this, because the promotion dates started earlier than the end of the shoot of GoT. Of course it is still possible that the young queen loses her life before the final fight.

Dad Snow at the start?
The name Wilf Scolding will not necessarily tell you a lot. This is the name of the actor who has taken on the role of Rhaegar Targaryen in the past season. And this Wilf Scolding was seen and photographed in a hotel near the filming location in Ireland. The fact that the image was quickly deleted on the net, is actually already a confirmation that we will see at least one more visit of Brans in the past in season eight.

Probably no fake scenes
Although Emilia Clarke recently said in an interview that she does not know what she actually knows, since she starts from secret scenes that she does not even know: So far, it does not look like HBO spent money on scenes that only to camouflage or confuse the fans. The rumor persists, but has never been confirmed – and given the already extremely expensive shooting is not credible. Maybe there was simply the wish father of thought, as Clarke does not seem happy with the end of her character.

The Start of Season 8

game of thrones season 8

When exactly the series finally goes on, HBO has not yet revealed, probably will not do that before November 2018 either. The fact is, it will not be finished before 2019. Presumably, it can be expected that the ancestral place could be targeted in April again, up to season 7, all squadrons started in this period. Then the end of the series would be in June 2019 – in the middle of summer it would be really icy again. Speaking of icy: After allegedly leaked scripts for the first episode of the final season, both Beric and Tormund have survived the attack of the Night King on the black fortress. Who is still happy?

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