ALBUM: Elias – Walk With Elias [WWE]

Elias Walk With Elias Album Download
Elias - Walk With Elias (Album)

Listen to Elias’ debut album, the greatest music ever written

WWE Superstar Elias who is known not jus for his strength but also his awesome guitar playing released his debut album late last night. The album which is aptly entitled “Walk With Elias,” is currently sitting at the top of streaming charts. It’s been made available on Spotify, iTunes, and more. You can listen to it, in full, in the playlist below. It’s only four songs but they are four of the greatest songs ever written and recorded.
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The tracklist:

  1. The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To…
  2. Elias’ Words
  3. Nothing I Can’t Do
  4. Walk With Me

It’s a beautiful, sometimes haunting, other times heartfelt, album full of obviously soon to be number one hits. “I’m bearing my soul for the world to see,” Elias writes on the deeply touching track “Nothing I Can’t Do.”

Just listen for yourself. You’ll be better off for it.

Elias Walk With Elias Album Download


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