AKA Says Travis Scott Uses Too Much Auto Tune


AKA – “Travis uses too much auto tune ……. said no one ever.”

Travis Scott just released his long awaited and highly anticipated album ASTROWORLD earlier today. While the album has been received well, South African rapper and (some would say) KING of S.A Hip-Hop has called out Travis’s use of Auto Tune.

AKA made his comments via twitter saying – “Travis uses too much auto tune ……. said no one ever.”

Apparently, AKA feels that while he has been criticized severally for his use of auto-tune, the more popular rappers out there never get any criticism. AKA’s comments has since sparked a twitter dialogue on he use of Auto-tune, his fans clearly taking his side.

The use of auoto-tune goes way back, and many many artists and rappers make use of it in their music. As one twitter user pointed out –

Auto-tune is used by even the greatest of all time. But it has to be used right.

Take a look at some of the other comments by fans below.

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